Cinema stars face many different experiences.Bollywood actress Proyanka Chopra has come across a new experience recently itseems.this hot actress have recently visited Brazil to participate in one of the reality show ,while she was coming out of the show one man fel back of her to marry him itseems.That unknown person asked priyanka Chopra that " will you marry me??".The person who had asked her is not an ordinary man he is a big business man itseems.She is not telling his name but she has proposed her with respect itseems.After watching Priyankas Reality show he became a great fan of her and if priyanka also agrees he wished to marry her itseems.By this we have to understand that priyanka has impressed him a lot in that reality show.But bollywood beauty has disappointed him by rejecting his proposal by telling him "NO".The reason behing telling "NO' is she doesnt want to marry a foriegner.She also told that she would be marrying only and only an Indian.talking abouth the person who has fallen back of her Priyanka says that" May be he thought that im a Brazilian because of my Bronze hair color,my skin color,and the way i dressed up,i dreesed up in a way how the brazilian girls dress up,Since i looked in Brazilian style he felt im a Brazilian and proposed me".Keeping this aside when we asked her about her Brazil trip she replied saying that"I was there in brazil only for one day,after the show i was back to Mumbai,i wanted to do shopping there but i had no time,at last in airport itself i purchased a pair of Model hawai Slippers".


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