Heroines who have been brought up in America and who have to be settled in America are still roming for chances in Tollywood and Bollywood.These hot beauties are first stepping in to Mumbai for chances.With the help of the co ordinaters they are meeting the directors and producers for offers.for example u can take recent heroines Richa Gangopadhyay and Nikisha Patel who have been brought up in America but they are at present in India for film offers.If we take he sexy babe Parvathi Milton who has been born and brought up in California has learnt bharathanatyam.When she was learning Bharathanatyam she has got the chance to act in the film "Venella".After that film she has got a very little offers.Then latter She was recognised by the film "Jalsa" where in she has been paired beside the tollywood power star Pavankalyan.With that film she has attracted many of the mass audiance.Then later she has got many offers but she rejected them since she had one big project in her hand.Later she has gone to America since some one else was taken into the big project in place of her.

Another American Beauty Richa Gangopadhyay has been brought up in Michigan.She was the winner in the beauty contest conducted there.Whwn she was searchin for filmy offers Shekar Kamula has given her a chance in his film "Leader".Then after this film she has got 2 mmore offers where in she would be seen in the film "Mirapakaya" in this cinema she is paired beside Ravi teja,then in "Chandramuki 2" here in this movie she is paired beside Victory Venkatesh. So from America two hot beautiful heroines have entertained the south audiance. Similary from Australia also we have two sexy beauties namely Vimalaraman and Vega.Talking about Vimalaraman,who has started her film caree with K.Balchander film,then she has got chance to act in tollywood film "Evaryna Epudyna",then she has done "Gayam 2" in this film she has crossed her limits and exposed,she is now doing "Ranga the Donga" here she would be seen as a police officer,later she is having "Chukalanti Ammayi Chakanyna Abbayi" in this film she is paired beside Hero Actor Tarun.

Coming to Vega who is from Australia has made her entrance in tollywood with her film "Happy Happyga",this hot actress has got many offers in kollywood rather in tollywood.
Next we have Nikisha Patel who has exposed a lot in her first film itself,this hot beauty is born and brought up in London,she has started her film carer in tollywood where in she is the lucky heroine to say as she has got chance to act beside tollywood power star Pavan kalyan in "Komaram Pulli",this film was not a huge success as they have expected,this sexy babe at present is not having any more offers in her hand.

If we look at Dubai beauties we have Mamtha Mohandas whos is actress come singer,if we look at her we feel that she is born and brought up in India but this hot babe is brought up in Dubai,She has started her flm career by singing songs then later she wa offered to act as heroine in the films,she has acted in "Krishnarjun","Yamadonga","Chintakayala Ravi","Kedi".At present she is busy in Mollywood. Even though these hot beauties are from other states and countries they have lots of craze in Tollywood and kollywood and mollywood,Choosing heroines from America have become more now a days,Arthi Agarwal is from America,Sneha is from Dubai and Gadhe sindura also has studied in states.

So from above we can analyse that most of the heros and directors are intreseted in taking heroines from America.


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