Their are lot many heroine in film industry who accept the film based on renumeration they will be getting.These heroines do not concentrate on story and the role they are given.We can say that Kajal Agarwal is the exception case here.This actress tells that there are many situation were in she has rejected many of the films where the story was not good or her role was not good.Speaking about this she saya that " I never thaught that i would be the top heroine in south and never dreamed also that i would be getting such a position.Im really happy about this.Till "Magadheera" i did not belive my career and i was not sure about my film career.But this movie "Magadheera" has completely changed my mind set.This tollywood film raised my actress hunger.God has given me good opportuities and good roles to play and i will never choose a wrong path.That i the reason im choosy about story of the film and the role given to me and not about the renumeration i would be paid.There are many people waiting for offers who are talented and can act much better than me.They are much beautifull than me also.So i feel that if i tell no to such stories its nothing wrong and other people might get a chance to act in place of me".We all must appreciate Kajal for her kindheartness.


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