"These things are very common in cinema industry.Nothing will be in our hands.Doing hardwork is only up to us" says the cute bubly actress Tapsee "Jumandhi Nadam" fame heroine.This hot actress has said these words in an interview their is some reason behind telling these words.This cute babe is choosen as heroine in the film "AAdukalam".This film is a tamil movie and she is paired beside Tamil hero actor Danush.At present production work is going on.Chennai beauty Trisha was choosen as the heroine of this film but later Tapsee has got the chance.We do not know the reason behind replacing Tapsee in place of Trisha.WHen we asked this question to Tapsee she replied saying that"I really do not know that at first they thought of having Trisha as heroine of this cinema and later they have replaced me in place of her.I came to know about this at after the shooting has begun.Trisha is a good actress.They have choosen me in place of her means they have lots of confidence on me that i can perform better than her.I to have worked hard and performed well in that movie in order to keep their confidence level up".Based on one action incident which took place in 1970's this film is designed.Vetrimaran is the director of this movie and their are lots of hopes in audience about this film.She also doing another project in tamil named "Vandan Vendren".Spicy actress says that she has got good name and craze in tollywood with her 1st film "Jummandhi Nadam" and in the same way she would also impress the kollywood people with her 1st tamil film "Aadukalam" which is for release.This hot babe was shown very sexyly in the tollywood film by the director Ragavender rao.He is well known for his different type of direction where in he mostly and always uses lots and lots of fruits and flowers in his movies,in his movie we can also observe that he usually throws fruits on heroine navels.even in this film also we see the same type of direction and Tapsee navel show was awesome in this movie,this hot beauty has exposed a lot in this film and impresed many of the telugu audience.Now we must wait and see how much would she impress and become heartrobe of kollywood youngsters.


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