A teenager who has deeply fallen in love scent would not be knowing what is going around in this world because he would always be in his lovers world.When he goes to college and attends the maths class then he would find his girlsfriend's smile when a small equation is written on the black board and when pythogorous equation is written he would remember the love equations sent by his love to his cellphone last night.And at last whn progress reports are given then he would be getting a big zero.But here is the story of a teenager who is successfull both in his career as well as love.If u need to know the story then we must wait for another few days.This film directing by creative director sukumar.Naga chaitanya would be playng the male lead in this movie and hot sexy babe Tamanna in female lead.So i think u have understood the matter so we must wait for the movie in order to know how did Chaitanya won his love Tammana along with his studies.This movie is coming under the baneer of Geetha arts.Bunny Vasu is the producer of this film.Except 3 songs the rest of thr film has benn completed.Producer Vasu says that "This film would be a new treat given by sukumar to the audiance.This film would be a complete college background film with a cute love story and u can see Naga Chaitanya with full of energy. younger looking skin Tamanna is the actress paired up with him,they are looking fantastic photography on the on screen,u will be seeing there onscreen chemistry images very soon. Music is given by Devi Sri Prasad,the top new songs composed by him are really marvel and surely would be liked by one and all mostly they would be liked by teenagers".The title of the film will be announced withinfew days.There is on remix song in this film which is the song taken from the early film "Premabishekam" the Melody song goes on like this 'Nee Kallu Chebuthunayi...".So its really a treat and we must see how would Naga chaitanya and milky white babe Tamanna rock the screen.


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