Bollywood stars dance to the functions,parties which go in the rich peoples home.The top heros of bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan,Salman Khan also dance to the marriage occasions in rich peoples home.They take a huge renumeration of 1 crore.The dancing kings and queens of Bollywood are at it. Their great skills at popular entertainment are up for sale at the right price, at any venue and occasion.That some of our hottest A-listers would be dancing at a wedding at a gutka baron's home in Delhi just reiterates what the forever-quotable Shah Rukh Khan had said when the wave of private dancing had started, "I am a bhand (street entertainer) for rent. Anyone can hire me for a price." Bollywood hunks like Shah Rukh,Salman and sexy babe Katrina have accepted to dance for the occasion at a gutka king's residence.They have also approached the love birds Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.They both were offered a huge amount of 4 crores each.But they both have rejected the offer saying that they are not at all interested to dance for marriage occasions.Then the GUtka kings family offered them more than 4 crores then also the love couple did not agree for that.This was certified by their near ones.Sources revealed that "They would always be forward to dance together for the occasions and parties which go on in their relatives and friends house but to dance for some one unknown person's place and that to for money it sound really rubish and they are not at all interested".Even Ajay Devagan and Kajol were offered to dance at a private party but they to rejected that.


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