The Yoga beauty and Bangalore based Telugu Girl Anushka is the sexy South Siren.Luscious Beauty Anushka was utilized as a girl glam alone till her blockbuster on line Movie Arundhati. Her role as Jejamma in the royal attires and her superb performance changed her fate. From there on, she started getting offers for heroine - centric flicks. Anushka is very different, she is basically Yoga teacher. She knows how to control emotions and temptations. She is from cosmopolitan city Bangalore and Telugu business family. She knows the acting is business and she knows how to differentiate business and personal matters.Victory is not so good as we all think it brings proudness along with hapiness.Telling about this Anushka says that "People will be having lots of hope on us after getting a hit film and characters like Bommali.If we take the success to head level then its all over.We shouls think that the success is not mine then we can relax and if we love the role given to us then only we can do our best for that role."when asked her how would she select the roles "That role given to me in the film must first win my heart,i mean it must be heart touching character.adn if my heart likes then im ready to do any kind of roles.If people say that you are having a nice image and u must not do these type of roles then also i would not care for them because its the role which has won my heart.After the success of 'Arundhati' i have signed 'Billa' then many of them asked why did i sign the project.They said that i would face problems in doing over glamorous roles.Then after seeing it on screen they appreciated me for doing such type of role.The same comments came even when i accepted to do prostitue character in the film 'Vedam'."said Anushka.


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