Tollywood young hero Jr.Ntr and Prince Mahesh babu were fighting with their movie 'Brindavanam' and 'Khaleja' ,and now these 2 heros are fighting to reduce our headaches i.e, they have become brand ambassadors of two different companies, Mahesh has become Brand ambassador of Amrutanjan and Jr.Ntr has become brand ambassador for zandu balm.Mahesh has already shown his 'Khaleja' in his ad but now we have to see how will Ntr show his 'Shakthi' in zandu balm.these 2 heros who were on war for their movies till yesterday and today the scenerio has changed the war has moved a step forward ,from movie to ads , not only senior heros but the young heros are also showing interest to act in ads,Mahesh babu is standing in first place with handfull of ads in his hands,Mahesh Amrutanjan ad has been released before the release of Khaleja and many people commented that "audience have to apply amrutanjan after watching Khaleja movie".Now its looking like Ntr is competing with Mahesh in ads.and even he has completed the shooting in mumbai recently,Ntr is going to promote it in print media and online,with the success of 'Brindavanam' she has made his position strong in family audience,Zandu balm companies are having full confidence on Ntr that with the promotion the sales would definetly increase,and now Amrutanjan khaleja and zandu balm shankti would fight together and we must see who will win the race,


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