There are many intresting and attractive features in the upcoming tollywood movie 'Nagavalli',1st is that its a thriller movie,2nd is that Vasu is the director,3rd thing we have 6 heroines and 1 hero,and One more attractive feature in the film 'Nagavalli' is that 3 bengali beauties are acting in this film,they are Kamleeni Mukherjee,Richa Gangopadhyay and Shraddha das,we dont know whether director Vasu has taken them knowingly or unknowingly these 3 actresses have very important role to play in the movie,and who is the Nagavalli among them is a suspense to audiance,As Kamleeni mukherjee and Anushka are appearing in similar manner so its very difficult to judge who is the Nagavalli,Sraddha das will be seen is complete new look with sexy sarees,and Richa is very confident that this film will bring her into limelight..


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