Quite often we hear that actresses refusing to do a lip lock scenes.and how often we hear actor refusing to kiss his onscreen costar,well here is an example where the actor has denied to do a kissing scene,and its none other than hot star Pavankalyan ,the actor had said no to kissing actress Trisha in the upcoming Telugu film Kushigaa.The movie is the remake of bollywood blockbuster 'Love Aaj Kal',in the original Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone share a lip lock more than once.Even the director of telugu version wanted to have the same.But the actor has polietly denied by stating it would affect his brother Praja rajam Party PRP party cheif Chiranjeevi's political image.It may be recalled when mega star Chiranjeevi launched few critics raised eyebrows about Pavan's living relationship with Renudesai.Hearing that it might effect Chiranjeevi's political ambition the couple entered a wed lock on Jan 28 2009.


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