The Prince Of tollywood that is Maheshbabu was not successfull even he is back to onscreen with his film 'Khaleja',This handsome hunk is not at all dissapointed rather he is ready to entertain us with his two upcoming movies 'Dookudu' and remake of bollywood '3idiots'.When asked in an interview about his feeling about stunts,He said that he feels happy in doing stunts for thumps up ad even ehough he is a style icon and he also said that the 1st schedule of "Dookudu' is completed and looking to release it for summer,he feels that the delay he made for 3 years for the release of Khalega is the main reason for the flop of this film,because fans wil be having having lot of ecpectations on us and it would be increasing as we keep on delaying the release of the film,and he feels its not correct for an actor to release 1 movie for 3 years.When asked that hes is seen more in brand promotions rather than movies,he replied saying "its not correct at all because i got brands with the help of movies ,as im a film actor thats why the brands come and sign up with me,its only thing more and y u feel like that is because there was no release of my films since 2 years,and so in future im planning to give 2 releases in a year"


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