Bollywood hot actresses Aishwarya rai not only entertains people audiance..she plans perfectly her cinema career and also her personal career.This babe never tie up the film career with personal career.After marrying Abhishek bachan she has successfully runed her film career and personal career.At present Ash want to take a break in her film career and wants to enter into motherhood.But this hot actress is concentrating on her films rather than her personal career because she is not having any films till now.She has done "Ravan" in three differnt languages and this film was a flop cinema and this really disappointed ash.This sexy actress Aishwarya rai has done a film "Robo" this has been released in 3 different languages and ths has made her dream come true.this film became super duper and bumper hit in all the languages.She has also done a bollywood movie "Guzarish".This sexy babe is also having another movie in hand for release."Action Replay" is the movie which is to be released on nov 22nd in this movie she is paired beside Akshay kumar.She hopes that even this bollywood movie would be a hit film and make her dream come true.she hopes this cinema would give her success.So lets wish Ash all d best.


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