Their are talks going on in bollywood film industry that popular and famous pop singer Shakira signed a project in bollywood.Shakira has given many live performances and always done stage shows but never acted in bollywood.This is the first time this hot beauty is going to act in a bollywood film.This sexy shakira is famously known for her hip movements.She has again shown her talent and won many of the hearts by her recent song in FIFA world cup saying "wakka wakka".That song has become famous worldwidely.Coming to the point this hot babe has got a proposal from bollywood actor hero Anil kapoor.He wanted Shakira to act in his upcoming film movie.In this movie their is one pop song it seems and that is the reason he thought of having Shakira for that song.And he also feels that she has never done bollywood cinemas and if she does so she would mesmarise the people over their.Anil kapoor is at present usy in this project and he is doin "no problem" film.Aneen Bhajmi is the director of the film.When Anil asked the same proposal of having Shakira for a pop song in the film both the director and producer said ok to him and they are waiting for the reply from hot sexy babe Shakira.Shakiras recent album "Hives dont lie" has got lots of craze wordwidely and in the same way the song in the film goes on.this also the reason he wants shakira to act.He feels that Shakira could only do justice for the song and more over this sexy singer is also having lots of craze in younsters and in order to attract and impress the youth audiance also she is best.So we must wait and watch whether Shakira accepts the proposal or not,if so she accepts then Anils dream would come true and shakira would truely mesmarise her fans.


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