‘Tha’ is a love story about a violent man whose heart undergoes an overall change after falling in love. It is a nativity subject that has been shot in the dry lands of Coimbatore and lush greens of Kerala, with most of the shoots embracing the beauty and the authenticity of a place called Chavadi where the people due to the dearth of irrigation and farming opportunities work in textile mills and factories. The hero works in such a factory and the storyline is about the incidents that follow when a middle class girl falls in love with this guy, quite rough and tough. The story of the film happens in a place called Chavadi which lies in the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.This film is about thousands of people who throng to work in steel factory and handlooms because agriculture fails due to drought.The film also narrates that a person who hits 10 people is not a man but a person who entice a girl is a man.Sri hari and Nisha are paired up together in the movie.This movie is directed by Surya Prabhakar and produced by Rajesh Uthaman.This movie is ready to hit the screens on 03 dec.


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