Agarathi upcoming tamil movie is a thriller movie which is based on the novel 'Iravil Oru Vaanavil' penned by Rajesh Kumar, a renowned crime novel writer.The story revolves around the murder of an advocate and with one person doing a mistake how the other people dependent on him are affected is the story and that one person does this for the sake of money.The story is about the money which becomes the reason for crime in the relationship of a brother and sister. A girl comes from Delhi to her brother’s house. She finds an unknown dead body in her brother’s house.During the police enquiry they find the dead bodies of her brother and sister in law in the well. Who is the reason for these continuous murders is narrated in a spine thrilling manner. There is a question that in a story where Rajesh Kumar writes there will be no sensual matter and how was it possible for the beauties like Monica, Oviya, Kirthi Chawla, Rahasiya and Bhuvaneswari to act in this film. The hero Pradeep is doing his second movie with this one. He made his debut in the film Pazhaniappa Kalloori.This film is directed by Naga Venkatesh and produced by D Varath.This tamil thriller movie is going to be released this friday that is on 05 dec.


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