The south actress who has become busy in tamil industry with huge number of films and hits,hs been eying on tollywood to become the top actress in telugu also,she is having 3 projects in hand in telugu one with Naga chaitanya,another with Allu Arjun in 'badrinath' and 3rd with Jr. wise she is ready to hit the silver screen with these films now the latest news is that,as we all know that she is the actresses who is demanding a huge remuneration in south besides Anushka,recently thw tamil director Linguswamy who has given this hot girl a block buster hit film 'Paya' wanted to do another new flick with this sexy babe,but this milky white beauty who has liked the script accepted to do the film only when he remunerates a huge amount of 1.2 crores,and this was really a shock to the director and may be he is planning to take another hot actress other than Tamanna.....


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