The remake of bollywood blockbuster movie '3 Idiots' in telugu and tamil seems to be really in trouble and this might be the first situation for the dyamic director shanker he is facing,Previously he had scheduled for the film with tamil actor Vijay and tollywood Prince Mahesh babu in lead roles but then there were stories like these two heros are not interested in working him,now the latest buzz is that when the director approached hero Surya,he has demanded a huge renumeration of 20 crores and this made Shanker to be in dilemma and he is not yet able to decide till today whether to remake this movie or not,its really shocking to here such news because he has directed many huge hit fims and he has directed tamil super star Rajnikanth also and y is facing problems like this...we have to wait and see will he come out with this movie or plans another movie with Rajnikanth....


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