Hollywood Walt Disney company which is known for fantascy films is stepping into telugu cinemathis is first telugu film produced by the international production which is titled as 'Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu' .This would be The biggest fantasy in Indian Cinema.Sidharth,Sruthi Hassan,Lakshmi Prassana are casted in this movie and the film is being directed by dynamic and sensational director K.Ragavender Rao son Prakash.The first trailer of the film has been launced.Every one is telling that its really brilliant,wonderfull,mindblowing and amazing by looking at the trailer,when i saw the trailer,he has given a film,a trailer which was definetly not an indian cinema,it was upto international standards,its technically,visually,editing wise sound wise and in every which way its not a just step above but way beyond.All those hollywood films they come down and are dubbed into telugu for our audiance to enjoy ,I would like to request walt disney must dub this into english and tell them what we are also capable of.Sidharth said "This is my ambitious film in my career,because its a high budget film of about 3 crores,Its a telugu film and u all know that i have been acting in telugu since long.Here im casted beside Sruthi hassan she is veri talented and she is very beautifull in the movie.i think she would make real mark for the film.Im very happy because of two reasons,its a fairy tail and fantacy adventure and action film and this is first action film of mine.Im very excited about this and another reason is that Walt Disney who is known world wide who makes the childrens dream come true on the screens and he has come forward to coproduce this film.
Sruthi Hassan said "Its really a great film and every body knows about walt disney,its a telugu movie which is very unique,special and its a perfect collabiration and even the audiance have enjoyed it by looking at the logo and the trailer.Im a huge fan of disney and i think i know all of his movie and i have been watching them from my childhood.and the characters are completely eternal which would be remembered for ever in everyones mind.Its amazing to be a part of it,actually im not an angel im gypsy but im glad because u think im an angel .Lakshmi prassana "Im very excited to be associated to Disney as the product is brilliant film we have alrady been shooting,it has come out great and we still have about 60% to go i think but so excited and its going to be a film like no indian cinema has seen so far so and to be playing such a powerfull brilliant role i feel truely blessed.Prakash the script when i first read i fell in love with it i mean there was no looking back and his execution has just given us more faith and so much more excitment and to be a part od this brilliant cast like Siddarth and Sruthi Hassan and its just a beautifull collabration.U know siddu is such a crazy fun and sruthi is a sweet girl and when we were working it doesnt feel like working u know their is much creativity happening at one place
The story is about a journey of a nine-year-old girl which is set in the fictitious land of Sangarashtra. The girl has special healing powers and quest to save Sangarashtra from the tyranny of an evil Queen.Slated to release in January 2011, the yet-to-be titled epic fantasy adventure directed by National Award winning Prakash Rao Kovelamudi and co-produced by K Raghavendra Rao is Walt Disney India's first locally developed studio project aimed specifically at southern audiences.


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