South Indian Actress Asin has got a new name in bollywood as a 'remake queen'.She has debutted ni bollywood with the remake of blockbuster film in south 'Ghajini'.Even in bollywood also it was the same title and and she was casted besides the bollywood actor AmirKhan.This movie has given a stand still position fo asin in bollywood.She was appreciated for her performance in the film.Then on she started getting offers but these offers are of remake ones.Asin second film in bollywood 'London dreams' was not successfull.Now at present she is working on the project 'bodygaurd' which is known to be the remake of telugu film 'Ready'.This film was huge hit film starring Hero ram and Genelia.In hindi its going to be Asin and Salman Khan,this movie would be her second film with Salman.As she is getting opportunity to do remake films she is named as the 'remake queen'.Keeping this aside the remake of telugu movie 'Ready' is on complition stage itseems.Keeping this in view one of the bollywood director is in plan to direct one of the malayam movie 'kanlan'.So then he approached the stars for the leading role in his film he wanted Asin to play the female lead role and salman to play the male lead.Both the star were nearly shocked hearing this since there are already romours going on in bollywood about Asins affair with Salman.Talking about this Asin says that "I have done a film with AmirKhan and then with Salman Khan in "London Dreams" and now again im doing another film also which is "Bodygaurd'.then i would have accepted for another film with Salman then people would really feel that there is something going on in between us.That is the reason i said no and even i told to salman about this he had also agreed with me.And even i want to come out of the name Remake queen given to me by bollywood".


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