Chocolate boy with rough looks is none other than tollywood lover boy Ram who made his debut in tollywood with the film "Devadas".The telugu film industry suddenly found a young and dynamic person with a lot of acting ability, extreme ease at dancing skills and also the power of portraying action scenes too. He is known to be the 'Youngest Hero of the South'. The Telugu film industry noticed the new talent with awe and admiration.He is like Hawai Rocket as his energy levels are always high.He is called as FireBrand when talked about his actingand performances in the moviesHe has become very close to youth by doing different type of role in his films from "Devadas" to "Rama Rama Krishna Krishna".He has also become the hearthrobe of many gals.Coming to the point do u want to know whom does Ram love? and with whom he has fallen in love?,when these were questioned to him he answered saying that "I fall in love daily,dont missunderstand me i mean i fall in love daily with the cars,i love cars and i always look out for the new cars in the market".Yes,its true he is a dead fan of cars.He keeps on browsing net for the new car which ever is released in the market.He keeps on knowing the features abouth them itseems,At present he is having Ecard-I6 and this car was gifted to him by his dad for the success of his first film "Devadas".But his first car was Endavour itseems.Now he is in a dynoma of which car to buy.He is puzzled because he is unable to choose which car to buy as for every 4 months new cars are being released in the market.


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