It is well known that bubbly heroine Genelia received many appreciations for her role and performance in the film ‘Bommarillu’ which was directed by Bhaskar. Currently the actress has actedin the movie ‘Orange’ which is also been directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar. Now it is heard from the latest sources that the director who showed Genelia as Hasini in Bommarillu had portrayed her differently this film.Genelia has scored lot of compliments and praises for her acting skills in Bommarillu. This is all due to her director Bhaskar. The duo is coming back with ‘Orange’. One who watched the teasers and trailers of the film can say that Bhaskar tried to show the actress in a more stylish way.Genelia’s role in Bommarillu was modern but yet was seen with traditional costumes whereas in Orange the actress sported minis and micro miniskirts. Since the movie moves with Australia backdrop, Genny needs to look ultra modern and so the actress was shown sporting minis.Speaking on this the actress says, “I don’t agree it as skin show or exposing. It’s a common dress for all the Australian girls living there. Being an actress we need to wear every kind of dress that is apt to the role. I personally believe that as long as I feel comfortable with my dress and do not feel embarrassed in watching my film with the whole family members, I do not mind sporting such costumes.


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