Ramcharan Teja, Genelia, Shazahn Padaamsee starrer ‘Orange’ is hitting the big screens today with much high expectations. The film is one of the biggest releases.This romantic youthful entertainer is said to be releasing in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Kuwait apart from India. Orange has already created records in more than 5lakh advance tickets being sold out in one day.As the film is releasing, Ram Charan gives out some of the details of the film. “The film unfolds from my character’s perspective — how the rest of the characters disagree to my way of living. I play an honest person whose love turns bitter because of his honesty. Here you will see only the character Ram. I play the character from the age of 16 to 25. I have not revealed this to anyone yet.Orange is an honest, true and fresh love story. That’s all I have to say. Rest I’ll leave it to my fans and viewers to analyze.”Orange has created ripples at the Box-Office before hitting the theaters itself. We have informed that 5Lakh advanced tickets have been sold out in just one day and the bookings of the film at Prasads have been closed just in one hour. Such is the craze for the film all over.It is known that it’s a big day for both Allu Arjun and Ram Charan. Allu Arjun is getting engaged to Sneha Reddy today. Despite of his engagement, the stylish star is in prasadz theater watching his cousin’s ‘Orange’ film. Allu Arjun seems to be enjoying the first day of the show with all the fans.


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