The tamil hero Vishal who has done few films in telugu was busy in searching heroine for his new film.The telugu tollywood movie "Shauryam" in which Gopichand was the hero is being remaked in tamilAnd as vishal is acting in tamil remake movie he himself is taking interest for a crazy heroine in his film.For this reason he concerned the hot chennai beauty Trisha but then she has reject because of lack of dates as she is busy with other projects.And this the second time Trisha is rejecting to act with Vishal.Next he wanted to test his luck with the cute bubbly girl Hansika and here also he heard the same reason that is lack of dates.At last with lots of hope on Anushka he went and asked her but then she also rejected as she has done the role in telugu she only was the heroine in telugu "Shauryam" so even here also he failed as Anushka is not interested in doing the same role in tamil.So with this failure he had not put a fullstop for his searchin he is having White milky babe Tamanna,Hot ans spicy Kajal Agarwal and the sexy siren Samantha in his list.He is very confident and wishes that one among them would surely give him green signal.So we must wait and see who would give him green signal.


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