Bollywood actress Deppika padukone says "When a guy stairs at other girls by keeping his lover beside him then the lover surely feels unsecured and she would reject his proposal for dam sure.The same happened with Ranbir and that is the reason i broke my relation with him."When they were acting for the film "Bachna Ye Hasseno" then a cute love story went on between them.Even though u look at as 2 different people but our heart is one this was said by the love birds those days.Then media asked Deepika Padukone that u both such a cute love couple and u were like made for each other then what was the reason for ur break up ? Sexy babe replied saying that "I feel that Ranbir is crazy about girls,i came to know about this when i started observing him very keenly.He used to speak with each and every girl.With this behaviour of him i felt insure when i was with him.When im far away from him then there were many going on in my mind like,what is Ranbir doing now?with which girl is he roaming now?and many .and i cant always be back of him or call him and ask or check what is he doing at that particular time.And one more thing if i havent broken up my relation then i would always be suspicious about him for life long.If his behaviour is good then why will i suspect him.In front my eyes itself he used to move close with other girls.and this is main i had to cut with him."She also said that she stopped thinking about him and im not jealous or im not going to take any revenge on him.


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