Rihanna’s latest album, Loud, has dropped… and it looks like her clothes dropped along with it! The Barbados beauty bares all these crazy hot photos, giving hungry fans yet another reason to pick up the highly anticipated album. Flip through this gallery of Rihanna, 22, getting down and dirty in the desert — and try not to drool!Rihanna’s latest music album ‘Loud’ are currently at the top of US and UK music charts. That, however, does not mean that Rihanna has put a halt to the promotional work of ‘Loud’.In fact, it is her album covers, which have drawn the ire of several sections of the society. In one of the risqué photos, Rihanna is shown baring her legs to the camera, with only a pink rose to cover the private parts of her body.Looks like, she got more than money after the photo shoot for the ‘Loud’ cover.Another photo, taken as part of the album, shows the pop star crawling topless on desert sand, while her arms are strategically placed to cover her assets, as wind blows her short garment up to expose her back, in a manner which is more than provocative.

Rihanna Topless stills

Pop Musician Rihanna Bottomless Photo


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