Sources say that Deepika Padukone is having lots of funtime after her break up with Ranbir Kapoor.Deepika keeps on avoiding her relationship with Siddharth Malliya and news is that now she is having a good relationship with the actor imran khan where in she is doing a film "Break Ke baad" with him.Story is like dating for some days knowing eachother and they at last decide that they cant live together and finally break up.Recently the whole unit of "Break Ke Baad" have gone for Goa for the film shooting and their Imran has given a good foot massage to Deepika ,people around them started murmoring itseems and at the same time director had said Cut with which the people understoos that it was part of the film shooting.When asked Deepika abouth this matter she praised Imrankhan for his massage,she liked that massage and want to have the massage once again.With his film "Jaane Tu Ya Jaanne Na" actor Imran khan has got a name of sweet and handsome boy.HE has got many gal dieheart fans.But this lover boy would make her sweetheart Avanthika as his life partner itseems.


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