Earlier Bowler Shenwan had spent many sleepless nights because he used to dream about sachin tendulkar since in one of the match for shenwarn bowling sachin had hit mnay sixers anr fours with which he was shocked and he did not get sleep for many nights if he slept by mistake also he would always dream about Sachin itseems.Some incidents like this will be for ever.Similarly in the same way hot south beauty Samantha also explains about her dreaming.This hot babe who has won many hearts by her first film 'Ye Maya Chesave' has come across one incident with which she spent many sleepless nights,She has lot many fans after her film as she has given sexy appearence in the filmAnd with the success of the film she has got stardom and with which when ever she was out for shopping then there would be huge crowd around her for autographs,in the beginning she was little bit tensed and excited to give autographs and she has pateintly given itseems,that fine day in the night when she was to bed she was not getting sleep itseems because she was dreaming about the incident and she is getting that only her dream itseems.She was getting her fans and the camera flashes in her dreams.This was at her first stage but now it has become common to her and now she is not getting such dreams itseems.At present this hot Chennai beauty is working with Mahesh babu for the movie 'Dookudu' and she has also got chance to act with tollywood powerstar Pavan Kalyan which is being directed by VV Vinayak.


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