Here is the list of bollywood actresses born into filmi families and for whom the silver spoon has never tarnished. For many super star kids , fame is often just a phone call away. Some make good on the initial leg up, others don't. But there's no doubting that for these stars ahead, the road to celebrity has been way smoother than for those without the right last name.
If we take Kapoor sisters Karisma and Kareena were a shoo- in into the film scene. With lineage like that, movies were meant to be. After all, drama runs in their blood.Now look at Deepika Padukone,So what if father dearest is a badminton champ? Pretty sure the Padukone name helped the vivacious Deepika's fashion modeling and then movie career.Coming to Tanuja's daughters Kajol and Tanisha also had major filmi backup with their Mukherjee genes. Today, Kajol is one of the biggest names in the industry.On the other side of Kajol's family tree is Rani Mukherjee. The Mukherjee name worked for her too.Another Kapoor that is Sonam kapoor,Anil Kapoor gave both his daughters a leg up. While Sonam debuted with Saawariya, Rhea turned producer with the Sonam starrer Aisha. No sleepless nights when Daddy's got his own banner.Its time for Hassans family,She got her mother's looks and father's talent. The apple of Kamal Haasan and Sarika's eye, Shruti Haasan has proved her versatility onscreen.It pays if Mama is a critically acclaimed actress and filmmaker. And Konkana Sen, daughter of Aparna Sen, is laughing all the way to the bank.Southern superstar Rajinikanth's daughter Soundarya is turning out to be a force to reckon with. Beauty with brains, eh?Pooja Bhatt snuck into Bollywood with TV movie Daddy. No prizes for guessing who directed.Esha Deol had a double whammy in both Dharmendra and Hema Malini - now that's what we call privilege.Shakti Kapoor nudged daughter Shraddha into Teen Patti. Who better for Daddy's little girl to debut opposite than two Big B's - Amitabh and Ben Kingsley?Moon Moon Sen was a proud mother hen when daughters Riya and Raima opted for a filmi fame and fortune.Twinkle and Rinke Khanna had their parents' star power to help them along in B-town.Being Kabir Bedi's daughter helped Pooja Bedi do a Marilyn Monroe in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander.Saif Ali Khan chose to follow mama Sharmila's showbiz footsteps rather than dad Pataudi's cricketing ones. Good decision, we say. Sister Soha is the latest bird to leave the Pataudi nest for Tinseltown.


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