Bollywood latest science fiction movie Ra.One upcoming new and popular music singer Akon in Ra.One debut. Here also co starring Shahrukh Khan, Kaeena Kapoor whom are main leading role. Anubhav Sinha directed film Ra.One is a latest new science fiction released in Bollywood cinema. Today Bollywood movie are western film same styles made by. Ra.One movie actress Kareena Kapoor looking very hot and sexy sizzling in Ra.One and middle age Shahrukh Khan who are viewing very handsome in 30 years old.This film will reportedly have "breathtaking" stunts from Shahrukh Khan. The special effects team is being hired from Hollywood. Khan has already started working out to prepare himself to be able to perform the "daring" stunts for the film. Khan is now set to go flying in the sky to save mankind in this film.At a press conference that welcomed Akon to India, he revealed that his character can "solidify" electricity and that his team was working on making this possible on screen. He also referred to his character as "Jeevu", suggesting perhaps a double role.Kareena Kapoor plays Shah Rukh`s love interest.She plays the female lead alongside Khan in the film (the duo were last paired opposite each other in Asoka (2001)) whilst Arjun rampal will be seen as the villain.There were rumors that Kareena would also do stunts in the movie when asked her about this she replied saying that " No im not going to do stunts or fight against some one ,im playing shahrukh's wife role and dont expect more than that from me".


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