Prabhu Deva's wife Ramalatha is said to have attempted suicide on Thursday evening. Sources say she took the step cause of the psychological drama caused by her Husband Prabhu Deva's claim that their marriage is not legal cause it has not been registered! Ramalatha had approached the Chennai family court to stop her husband from marrying Nayanthara.But Prabhu Deva inturn claimed that his marraige with Ramalatha is not leged.The court then asked her to provide proof in terms of their children birth certificates and so on.But Prabhu Deva had reportedly consulted his legal experts and with some evidences, he had even planned to prove that Ramalatha's documents were fake. Ramalatha was said to be shocked by this news and tried to commit suicide by consuming an overdose of sleeping pills on Thursday evening.Ramalatha was reportedly taken to the hospital and saved by her relatives. Sources claim that she had even written a death. She had held Nayantara responsible for her death in it. Sources revealed that she had mentioned Nayantara’s name first followed by that of her husband Prabhu Deva in the note.On coming to know of this, Nayantara got shivers and asked Prabhu to save her from the legal complications. Prabhu Deva seems to be busy in saving her skin now.However, the police are said to have registered a case based on her suicide note. Sounds like the telivision sole yet its so funny and overly sad and dramatic at the same time.


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