Daggubati Rana has got a busy year ahead when it comes to his assignments and right now, he is all eyes on his Bollywood debut venture ‘Dum Maro Dum’. More than the news on his film, it is another update which has been making rounds both in Bollywood and Tollywood circuits.Well, it is heard that the hot and sizzling seductress Bipasha Basu who happens to be Rana’s co-star is busy giving him private lessons in Hindi language. Incidentally, Bips is a Bengali and her Hindi is somewhat alright but then the hot babe is doing whatever she can for our man.Sources say that Bips is quite comfortable with Rana and says that he is just like any other Mumbai heroes without any hassles and a nice approach. While Rana is taking hot tips on Hindi from Bipasha, some are asking whether he is giving his own gyan on Telugu to her or not. Talk about sharing… what say Rana??


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