After Karan Johar had got best friend and buddy Shah Rukh Khan on his chat show Koffee with Karan we thaught that was yet.But it seems wasn't quite happy and hence decided to invite SRK's rival Salman Khan on his chat show,Karan was spotted on several occasions at Salman's residence Galaxy apartments,and it seems his rounds indeed help him as Salman Khan has reportedly admitted to be a part of Karan Johar's chat show .This is the first time that Salman would be appearing on the show,interestingly Salman has put on a picture os his in twitter that as him,karan ,it also revealed that Karan would be having Amir Khan and his wife on the show as well.Following this Kj will shoot Salman on the show and going on with what SRK commented about his friendship with Salman on the show,it seems the never ending cold war Salman and him may actually be over.Following Farah Khan,Amir Khan,Shah Rukh Khan and now Salman Khan KJ is certainely acting as a mediator,and trying to get them back to gether ...


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