Ranbir Kapoor is moving to newer pastures.While his blow hot blow cold status with Katrina Kaif continues Ranbir seems to be cementing his relationship with Nargis Fakhri.Sources reveal that Ranbir kapoor has already told his close friends that he like Nargis and wants to give thier developing relationship a chance .While Nargis is knowing to get him better ,Kat is slowly and steadly distancing herself from RK .In the last 2 months Ranbir Katrina had many aurguments n fight due to his growing proximity with new comer.Kat feels that Ranbir is coming clean about his relationship with Nargis.While maintians that they are working costars she can sense as more.The growing intension between 2 got public when the Kapoor lad were heard screaming into the phone on rockstars sets with Kat on the other end of the line.The fight started when Katrina was informed that the kapoor has gone to job Nargis at her friends place while he had told her that he was busy in an ad shoot.We are sure that deepika is regoicing after this news leak....


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