Bollywood chocolate boy Imran Khan is all set to marry his childhood love Avathika .The first big fat Bollywood wedding for 2011 .The duo has planned to bring in the DJ in style.Reports have to be believed that the actors planning to make a memorable one by exchanging bells in sunset,yes they are going to have a sunset wedding.Imran and Avantika will be tieing the knot in Thailand on Jan 10 th ,reports have that karan Johar is designing the Imran's costume,the mush hike wedding certainely would be a private affair but many of the Imran's leading ladies are supposed to attend the event.the ladies are Genelis D'souza ,Sonam Kapoor ,Sruthi Seth ,Kunal Kapoor ,Deepika padukone and many others..well we just wish the radiant wedding couple a hearty congratulations.....


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