Hot charming beauty is not getting offers these days but she knows how to be in news.There will always be some romours on her.Recently again there is another rumour on her which is now the hot topic in film nagar.These days Charmi is not doing any halchal anywhere,y and what is the reason behind Charmi's silence...?the resaon behind she not doing cinemas..? ya these are the doubts which would be arising in her male fans,ya its true that she is hot heroine who is having lot many male fans than other actresses,yougsters like her a lot for her hot exposure,As this beauty has got back to back flops no one is now interested to give her a chance and take risk,latest buzz is that there are rumors going on that Charmi is getting married,previously when such news was highlighted she herself came in front of media and said that she is still single,but now she is not reacting and many have a doubt that she is really getting married,previously there were link between her and music director and now this music director has broke up with her and with this Charmi is going to marry another guy and also as she is free now because she is not getting any offers,and she feels that marriage is correct and she is getting ready for marriage....


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