Richa Gangopadhyay is the heroine who came into lime light with her first film 'Leeader' itself.This hot girl was offered many films later and now she is having Back to back releases this week and next week.'Nagavalli' is going to be released on 16th dec and 'Mirapakaya' on 24 th dec.Richa said " I cant forget this month December in my life.Im having 2 films for realease with a gap of 1 week.Im really excited and a little bit tensed as 'Nagavalli' is going to be released.My role in 'Mirapakaya' will be liked by all of u".She is very confident that her character will be liked by audience.The interesting thing is here in these two movies she would be sharing screen with other actresses like in 'Mirapakaya' she is sharing with Deeksha seth and in 'Nagavvali' she is sharing with 5 heroines.Richa said "I have no objection in sharing the heroine role with another actressTo work with top actress like Anushka i feel really great and lucky".


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