Bollywood Sonakshi sinha has come out of Race,talks are going on about film 'Race 2',for which sonakshi sinha was approached.Infact this hot beauty has accepted to do the film but suddenly she refused to work for this bollywood movie,the reason behind this was the films hot scenes,as per the script Sonakshi needs to wear some exposing costumes and to act is some hot scenes,but after knowing this matter she thought that it would be better for her to leave this film,Sonakshi reports that she feels uncomfortable in wearing small,micro mini dresses to expose and also she is not comfortable to do steamy erotic scenes on silver screen,Sonakshi has impreesed every one with her simple dressing and looks in her first film 'Dabanng'.And this sexy babe had made it sure that she will not be exposing and not even do love making scenes on the onscreen,its been heard that there are even more bold and steamy scenes in 'Race 2' than in 'Race'.And now its really intresting to see whther Sonakshi wil be in the race of no exposing girl or not because in bollywood its very natural and common for the babes to expose.


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