And if u thought that the battle of item bombs Munni and Sheila,the truth is that as the new year approach the true battle is between munni and Mallika.Mallika Sherawat said " I think she is the hottest khan ",and that y mallika is dieing to step into Munni's shoes in the new year's eve as she before performed at a 5star property.Mallika said "i'll be performing on 'Maya Maya...' ,'Mahabooba..' and i'll also do on 'Munni...' since it has become a national property." Some how we have a feeling that's the plan Malaika is none to plzd with.Then she made it clear that in this case comparision were not going to be entertained.And clearly the 2 divas in spite of joint press conference both Mallika and Malaika managed to arrive several hours apart.It seems like they have forgotten that the real battle this year eve seems to be not between Malaika and Mallika but between Munni and Sheila.Either way we know certain Munni not going to be pleased at all.


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