After showing his magic in box office it looks like Shah rukh now wants to be the baadshah of telivision too.The telivision show 'Zor Ka Jhatka' which was first offered to Saif Ali Khan will now be hosted by SRK .Sources say that Shah Rukh is apparently charging Rs.2.5 crore per episode for the show,with this astronomical amount SRK certainely becomes the costliest b-town actor to sign on to a reality show.When ever Salman Khan,Akshay kumar and Amithab Bhacahan have host the tv shows ,the industry debated that they were the highest paid actors .How ever this time it looks like the figures are on SRK side .As of now what can be revealed is that Shah Rukh is getting 40 crores for 16 episodes if you calculated as the show would be from Monday to Thursday.Looks like Shah Rukh is climbing new appeal and setting higher limits...


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