Actress Roja who is busy in politics is doing a main important role in the new movie 'Kodi Punju',Tanish is the hero in the movie,Roja is acting as a Dhagupati seetaratnam in this telugu film,Roja speaks to media "Im acting as mother of Tanish,actually im doing a rebel character,i dont know y every one are offering me such type of roles and they are not offering soft characters to me.My role in the movie is dynamic,i will be good for good people and i will be showing my other side for other people.My name is Dhagupati Seetaratnam, and in this film my power is my son and for my son im the power."Tanish and Anchal are paired in this movie,directed by B.V.V. Chowdary and produced by D.S. Rao.


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