We already know that their is love affair going on between tollywood star Ramcharan and Kannada actress Ramya alias Divya Spandana.During the “South Scope Style Awards” they were found enjoying at the party.Recently Divya has celebrated her birthday and Ramcharan had gifted her with a special gift conveying his friendship towards her.Ramya is the top actress of the Kannada film industry. She acted only in 3 Telugu films and the first one was with Kalyan Ram's 'Ambhimanyu' movie and the second one was Amruta Varsham and “Surya S/O Krishnan”.Divya entered Tamil films as Ramya with Silambarasan starrer 'Kuthu'. This made fans and peers to call her 'Kuthu' Ramya.Every on is having a question in their minds that how Ramcharan knows Ramya.Ramya was the friend of Ramcharan during their film acting course and later she went for Kannada industry and has turned up into a hot heroine there.During the acting course they both used to move very close to eachother and even chatted in internet and even they used to call up eachother by phone,they always used to be connected daily by one means or the other,She has also wished him all d best before the release of his recent film 'Orange'.When asked about their affair, Ramya declined saying that "There are no equations between us. We were best buddies and we remain so. Iam happy with what iam.Ramcharan fully satisfied me with his performance in Magadheera and iam surprised by the way how he is transforming into a best actor.”So its just friendship between them and not love affair.


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