There were huge expectation for the hero Ram Charan's tollywood movie 'Orange' but then it was not successful near the box-office,and so he is highly concentrating on this new script of upcoming movie in order to make it a super duper hit film,This actor has completed his 3 films and his eye is on his 4th film,'Merupu' is his 4th film,this film is being directed by the tamil director Dharani.From next week the shooting of the film would be started,Before the release of Orange movie ,they have shooted for Merupu for about 1 week,but then news is that they are again starting the shooting of 'Merupu' very freshly it seems,because of the failure of 'Orange' film they have made some changes in the script of 'Merupu'.In this movie he is acting as a football player,for this reason he has also gone for the training recently,After spending his holidays in Andaman after the release of 'Orange' is now all set to shoot for 'Merupu'.Ram Charan said that his eyes are totally on 'Merupu'.In order to attract and entertain audiance there are many mass scenes in the film it seems,Director is know for his mass films,So now Charan is highly confident that he would impress his fans totally with this film.


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