The tamil super star Rajinikanth was interviewed by NDTV reporters and he was asked questions by the reporter to which the super star has patiently given answers.He was cool as he is always and simple too.Reports of NDTV say that Rajnikanth's white den is comfortable with a huge Sai baba on the wall and he even has his guru Raghavendra Swami on the dial of his watch.Rajinikanth was asked about the palabhishekam for his cutout which would be done by his fans for his every film which would be released,then he answered saying that its the love and affection of the people towards him.When asked about his recent movie Robot or Endhiran he said that he was very much tensed about the film because so much amount of about Rs.130 crore was invested and he appreciated the guts of Kalanithi Maran.One more thing to speak about Rajini is that he has not taken even a rupee during the making of the film but has been the part of profit.He also told in the interview that he would have become a smuggler that is underworld don if he wouldn't have become an actor.When asked him that In Robot you did everything, including dance, action and romance.Super star replied "(Laughs heartily) Sometimes, when I do action scenes, I do feel the age... or when I dance. Age is age. But technicians, directors, they know and they manage. When doing a romantic scene now, I feel awkward. Even if I say it's just acting, I do feel a little embarrassed." And his next project would be Hara which is combination of action and animated film like avatar and after this film he will be taking a break of 6 months itseems.


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