In tollywood film industry the hawa of director Rajamouli is going like a jet rocket.The hero who would be acting under Rajamouli direction would be getting a super hit film in his film account.But the bad luck of the heros is that they are getting immediate utter flop films.Its really true this has been proved by the tollywood film history.This is the secret of Rajamouli which is not understood by the telugu heros.The Director Rajamouli is well known as ma ma mass,his films are pakka massy,even if a small hero is given to rajamouli he moulds him and sees that he gets range from then onwards,and they would become top heros immediately from the forenight itself,and what is the situation after that and y are the heros getting immediate flops?..if we look into the history we firstly take Jr.Ntr and the director has done a super duper hit film 'Simhadri' ,This film had hit the boxoffice like tsunami,with this Jr.Ntr has become pakka mass action hero,he had gone up to such a level that he competed with the tollywood megastar Chiranjeevi,this film a turning point to hero Jr.Ntr,then the immeadiate release was Andhravalla which was an utter flop film,the hero was dipressed by continous flops and he was recovered from his dipression by another movie 'Yamadonga'.and with this movie Rajamouli has given life to Jr.Ntr.then again the hero was not able to continue the josh and was back to his prvelian with a flop film 'Kantri'.Nithin is the hero who is having soft image in the industry and with the film 'Sye' he has got a mass image.This has given a good success to Nithin.Sye was a super hit film and after then he has not ever tasted the success of the films he had done in his career till today.All about 12 films after sye were utter flop films.With 'Chatrapathi' movie Prabas had turned into maha mass hero ,with the success of this film the range of Prabas business has increased like any thing,after this he had suffered from continous flop film like 'Yogi','Munna','Pournami','Bujjigadu','Bila','Ek niranjan',these films have brought the career of Prabas down to earth.'Vikramarkudu' is the movie with which the director had increased the range of Raviteja to maximum extent,He has changed Ravi into ma ma mass hero,the hero who was enjoying the success of vikramarkudu had immediatley tasted a flop film 'Katharnak'.And with the movie 'Magadheera' he had changed chirutha Ram charan Teja into a puli,with this mega hit he made Ram Charan into mega dheera,with this film Charan had become star tonight itself,his recent release 'Orange' has sprayed water on Charan who was on fire.He was completely dipressed with 'Orange',so y are Rajamouli heros are getting immediate flops and Rajamouli is increasing the level and range of hero to clouds and he is increasing the expectation levels in the audiance also.And this is the reason our tollywood heros are not able to understand the success secret of Rajamouli,It would be good for heros to get success if they also follow Rajamouli footsteps.


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