After the Rishi Kapoor fiasco over Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone's barbs over Ranbir Kapoor in Koffee with Karan, there's fresh meat to chew on. Welcome to the catfight: Kareena Kapoor Vs. Priyanka Chopra. In Karan Johars recent show bebo reported to have said that " I would like to ask Priyanka where she got her Accent from",not one to be out done Priyaka soughted right back to bebo on KJ's chat show ,where she showed up with bebo's x-boyfriend Shahid with tele company ,priynaka said "I would like to tell Kareena that i got my accent from the same that her botfriend got his",Priyanka is reported to have sweetly snoled on the chat at on,priyanka chopra reminded that she too had studied abroad and her access to accent is just like many others dump the same,Priyanka took the cat war a step forward stating 'Im Flatered that Kareena considers me as a good actress but otherwise i dont think people take bebo too seriously',well a good come back Priyanka,and now waiting for bebo's response,despite of this building rivalry.


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