“Nagavalli” is a sequel of Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth’s block buster “Chandramukhi” and five beautiful heroines like Anushka, Kamalini Mukherjee, Poonam Kaur, Shraddha Das and Richa are pairing up with Venkatesh in this film.Victory venkatesh has informed to media in an interview that not to look out for Rajnism in 'Nagavalli' because he will be having his own style in this movie,the main suspense about this film that who will be playing the role of the title among the 5 beautiful heroines.In order to know that we need to wait for the release of the film.This film would be striking the silver screens on Dec 16.There were also news that 'nagavalli' feared Nagarjuna's 'Ragada' because Ragada has been postponed its release date from Dec 16 to Dec23.Keeping this aside here are the posters of the film where in u can see each one of the heroine are highlighted in one poster have a look at them..

Anushka on 'Nagavalli' poster

Venkatesh on 'Nagavalli' poster

Kamlinee Mukherjee on 'Nagavalli' poster

Poonam Kaur on 'Nagavalli' poster

Richa Gangopadhyay on 'Nagavalli' poster

Sraddha Das on 'Nagavalli' poster


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