Their is question in every ones mind that who is playing the lead role in the movie,with the continuation of this suspense Actress Anushka is been seen with even more beautiful in the trailers,who so ever might play the lead role but this hot girl is turning every ones eyes towards her with her increased sexy appeal,this beauty is stunning with her sexy looks,As this film is the Sequel of 'Chandramukhi' she is appearing and performing so perfectly and sexyly so that every one must forget Jyothik's performance.Previously Anushka has done heroine oriented role in Arundhati which was a super duper hit film in tollywood and in that film Anushka was seen traditionally and more sexyly so there's lot of expectations on Anushka because she looks awesome and gorgeuos in any way she is dressed up,in this movie also we can see her in traditional wears which suits her very well.So every one is very much confident that this hot girl will surely beat up Jyothika in Chnadramukhi..


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