The bollywood hot sexy beauty mallika Sherawat is trying for projects in bollywood,but her bad luck is that none of the directors are interested to work with her and that is y she is not even getting one film to do.R u thinking that y this senseous actress is not getting chances..? the reason behind this is ,her recent flick 'Hiss' was an utter flop film and it didn't do well near the box office,even though this sexy babe has exposed to maximum in this movie,She had lot of hope on this hollywood film,it was really a shock to her by hearing that her movie was a flop film,this sexy girl has rejected all the offers offered to her by bollywood,and now she is again back to her bollywood for offers,and now the twist is that no director or producer are intreseted in her,those days mallika was cup of tea for all the directors but in present scenerio its not like that because previously she was the only heroine who used to expose herself on the silver screen but now each and every heroine are exposing and so this hot girl is not a cup of tea for bollywood directors,and the specaiality(exposing) of mallika has become common,As she has left bollywood with lots of hopes on hollywood 'Hiss' she has lost her craze in India....


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