There were previously talks going on that Mahesh babu has signed a film with dynamic director Shanker which was the remake of bollywood blockbuster movie '3Idiots'.Now the latest buzz is that he is not acting that film,whats the reason behind this..?Mahesh babu's 3Idiots is in problem,Mahesh has come out of Shanker's film,even Tamil actor Vijay has also come out the tamil version of this movie,The recent news is that their are no heroes in the film and only one heroine would be acting in the movie,this is the news about the film,After the success of the movie Robo Shanker has planned to remake the hindi movie '3Idiots' in tamil and telugu but he has faced many problems and shocks one by one,at the begging when Shanker decide to start the hooting of the film from dec in Kullumanali was not done because the actor Vijay was busy with his projects and he did not attend to the shooting with which the shooting was postponed and he also tole that he is not interested to act in Shanker's film itseems,and when asked to Mahesh he replied saying that the dates are clashing with his present movie 'Dookudu',so with this it is understood that he is also not interested in the remake of '3 Idiots'.Its really a mistery because the Tamil superstar Rajnikanth has acted in director Shaker's film and why are these two stars not interested to work with him.he has told to his close friends that their is not clarity about the movie till today, he hasn't reported to Shanker that he is not interested to work with him but he is in silence.we need to wait for another few days in order to know much more details of the movie.


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