Bollywood hottest diva Katrina Kaif who is hitting new nodes with Sheila ki jawani is not a delicate darling as we all think .Ask Akshay and he will all let the secret out,Sources claim that While shooting for the song 'Bade dilwala' from the movie, 'Tees Maar Khan' Akshay had to face the music after his co-star Katrina Kaif hit him really hard with her elbow .Now that must really hurt him hard.Hm was sure coincidence and was not done intensionally .But whats interesting is that the impact was such that the shooting had to be stopped for 2 hours.In a recent interview Katrina had excitedly exprssed her desire in doing an action film .Must say Katrina is quite serious about it ,meanwhile for Akshay it was painful ic experience...


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